Dick Wynn

Six years ago Amber and I were graced with the chance of a Lifetime. Amber was interning with Tim Elmore at EQUIP yet he gave each person another mentor to meet with every week. I was interning in Dallas at Josh McDowell Ministries at the time and remember hearing all about her new mentor Dick Wynn. Dick was creating a new division at EQUIP focused on training emerging leaders. Previously, he served as President of Youth for Christ International.

As soon as I made my way back to Atlanta to see Amber I was introduced to Dick and since then he’s become of the most impactful people in my/our lives.

The last few years Dick served at Crown Financial Ministries as the Senior VP and Presidential Advisor. He had a small goal to train a couple hundred million leaders overseas. Dick’s the kind of guy I could share an idea to and he’d make it bigger, better, stronger and wiser. Trust me, you’ll be hearing more about Dick on this blog.

Just recently, Dick and his wife Janet decided to leave their role in George to be closer to kids in Florida. I had the opportunity to write about Dick on his Crown farwell guestbook:

“You are the model leader. When I think about leadership I think about you. You know how to cut through the fog, how to make the right decision at the right time – how to cast a masterful, memorable vision for the future. Among so many other qualities! You certainly know how to distill wisdom in me and you do it with such natural, unforgettable ease. What else can I say? You are the leader inside my mind. So, for the rest of this guy’s life there you will be. You’ve enriched my life, Dick. That, I am grateful for! Love, Bryan Davidson (btw: and Janet, what a jewel, what an inspiration you are to us!)”


2 Responses to “Dick Wynn”

  1. Pamela Says:

    What a great blog post! All I have to say is that I was just in Indonesia visiting with our partners in Jakarta who also work for Crown Indonesia…and Dick Wynn cam up in the conversation (as well as in photos we were looking at!) and so many great things were said about him. His reputation for true leadership has not been isolated to the states…its definitely in Asia and well represented!

  2. Michael Tim Says:

    I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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