An eye on the next life

As I lay in bed this rainy afternoon, the only thing that brings joy is keeping an eye on the next life. I may not be able to talk. I may not be able to move. And even the slightest stress turns my inward body into an out-of-control spin. Yes, these are without question unique times! But my soul and my Spirit are alive and well, thanks to a great God I have the privilege of walking with. And the only way that can change (-a unaligned soul and Spirit) is to do anything but sit and rest because God wants me to do just that. I’m not supposed to make phone calls. I’m not supposed to go hang out with friends. I’m definitely not supposed to work. I am commanded by the Ruler of the Universe to sit and be. And it feels good.

I am utterly amazed.

And…I will relish every moment when my body builds itself back. However, in the meantime, as I sit and be, I am reminded how I was made for the life which is yet to come. The men before me who followed hard after God, men like Abraham and Joseph, and all the patriarchs of the Old Testament, they didn’t know why things went as it did, much less what was next. They did know, however, that God was with them, and there was more to life.

What life are you stacking up rewards for?

For the life which is yet to come—live well!


One Response to “An eye on the next life”

  1. Bud Cox Says:

    Bryan, I can relate to a degree. Back in the mid 90s I could only lay in bed (couldn’t work or do the things I thought I needed to do) because I injured my sit bones (so I couldn’t sit) and I had plantar fasciitis (so I couldn’t sand). All I could do was lay down and then I got bed sore. It was a tough time and looking back I probably could have used it to pray more (instead of cry and complain). God slowly brought me to full and complete health (over the next five years or so). One thing I remember is that it isn’t up to us, i.e. the mission “task” isn’t up to us. I mean what can a guy DO that can’t sit or stand? Nothing. God ingrained that lesson in me good. We can do nothing a part from Christ. We get to participate with Him as He sees fit to work through us. That was a wonderful truth to learn and experience. I still forget sometimes when I get into striving mode to please God or to impress others (so I can feel better about myself), but He graciously reminds me of what dependence really means. I was able to write a story book about Bible characters over the past seven years…a lot coming out of that “down” experience in the 90s as I was able to relate somewhat to the experience of the Bible characters. God’s plan is definitely unique and different than what I would have planned for my life.

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