Amazingly, the moment I finished my last message at this weekend’s retreat my body went haywire. All weekend I felt relatively good—even on little sleep and a fairly busy realm of activities. And this energy lasted until the last second. God is so amazing and all-powerful! He’s definitely been protecting me from the low-times when I needed some energy. The week before I did pretty well on vacation, or about as good as you can do on a vacation. I was tired a decent bit, but hey – I was vacating so I got along all right.

God showed himself this weekend, and it was a pleasure to partake in such a sweet time. I made some incredible friends and learned a lot. But the HUGE bonus was Kara accepting Christ. Amber had the privilege of praying alongside of her as she cried out to God and as God opened his arms wide open. Amazing.

Thankfully, now I’m chillin at George and Jami’s house. Actually, I’m laid out on a bed in their guest room and can hardly move. But I’m filled with so much joy due to my gracious and giving Heavenly Father. Wow, I’ve never been so happy to partake in this gift of sickness. What an honor!

Definitely keeping me grounded, and a huge reminder of the God who created the Universe.

Kudos to Jimmie and Rachel Gillespie…who have officially become two of our dear friends for life. Our conversations were riveting—to say the least. We are so grateful to Brian and Janaa (and little Dylan, of course) and the New Life College and twentysomethings gang who blessed our socks off. Though we surely missed two of our best friends Andy and Sarah Bullard who had to make a last minute run to the hospital to have child #2—Grant Noah Bullard—who decided to arrive a little earlier than expected (credit also goes to Sarah’s erupted appendix).

Really looking forward to being back in Ohio for New Life’s men’s conference in late October.

And really, really looking forward to making the Bullard’s our brand new neighbors in September.


2 Responses to “O-Hi-O”

  1. andy b Says:

    i love it…!

  2. sarah b Says:

    can’t wait to be your neighbors too! Baby is doing so great! But seriously, what DOES an appendix do anyway?

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