Final Day: (Is this the end or the beginning?)

The end is near (or so we think).

I’m writing this on day five, and it can’t be a bad day considering what day four was like. I wouldn’t mind etching that from my memory. Not only were the tests painful (and I might add, personal), they did not lead to a viable answer. “There is something wrong,” the Doctor alluded, “I just can’t pinpoint the root cause.” So you’re basically saying that something is wrong in my body, but you don’t have a clue what it is. That’s a hard pill to swallow.

Then my Internist who is quite the guy, upon looking at all of my test results and detailed reports from all the specialists, looked at us and said something like this, “We at Mayo get some of the worst cases out there, and are known to find answers that others could not find. But… (uh oh, I don’t want to hear that word “but”) there are some cases we don’t figure out.” Ouch. He didn’t say that did he? Then he goes on, “Sometimes it takes time.” I have heard that before. “You have to try things.” Thankfully, I do have a few new things to try. “Other times it can be too early to catch whatever is going on.” Interesting, but that makes sense.

So, you can imagine our spirits as we begin this last day that includes one last meeting with our Internist.

We continue to feel hopeful and how important it is to keep reminding ourselves how grateful we are that so many horrible cancers, tumors and diseases have been eliminated. This is especially encouraging to consider among so many others who are incredibly sick. However, all we know is that something’s off in our spirits.

We want to accept that –hey, if Mayo can’t fix you then only God can, right? (Yes, we believe this but we don’t feel in our hearts this is the only way we need to think.) We know God can heal me right now, but we also know He has a plan that we are to trust and follow.

“Unscheduled” Appointment

Now, it’s 10am and we have some time until our last appointment. We decide it would be good to go to the Starbucks 100 feet from the main building. Our souls are longing for some “soul nourishment” time. I drop my laptop and Bible on the comfy chair and tell Amber I need to take a walk.

When I return she is engaged in conversation with a lady probably in her fifties. She has a blood pressure checker wrapped around her arm, and hooked around her neck to hold it up. I can tell they are “into” it, in a very sincere, genuine sort of way.

Sherri is a former Ophthalmologist from Western Wisconsin, a strong Christian, and a very sweet demeanor. Well, for the next hour or so she pumps Amber with tremendous insight and encouragement. There’s a lot of common ground going on in that conversation.

While they were talking, this guy in a Tommy Bahama shirt and black jeans jumps into the conversation every now and then. He seems very curious, and also seemed to have a lot of common ground with Amber and Sherri. Sherri’s husband has been sick for a long time as well, somewhat similar to me but had improved a lot, so they were able to relate a lot. And the guy, whose name is George, could relate too because his daughter has been sick for a long time, and his wife is there for breast cancer. While this was going on I was chatting on the other side of George with someone Sherri had met at Mayo named Barbara. She was there for her routine check-up. A dynamic Christian herself, we had a wonderful conversation and prayer.

I’m getting somewhere so stay with me a little bit longer.

We find out that George is someone we all know. When he handed me his card it said George Zimmer, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Men’s Warehouse.

That made me chuckle.

Most of us know him from the television commercials he narrated, usually closing with the company slogan “You’re going to like the way you look. I guarantee it.” Started in 1973, and now there are over 700 stores across the U.S. and Canada.

So, we’d like to shout out a big thanks to Sherri, Barbara and George, our newfound friends. God used you to give us the exact wisdom we needed to move forward. Our hearts skipped a beatwhen we met you.

You guys encouraged us to consider more options. You agreed that Mayo is the best in the world at what they do, which is a wide range of traditional medicine. But now that we have more options, we feel led to keep searching.


3 Responses to “Final Day: (Is this the end or the beginning?)”

  1. Marje Rothschild Says:

    Dear Ones, I have been praying, daily—–some days, many,many times, as the Holy Spirit leads, and I was so sure that God would open the eyes, the minds of those Doctors who would be seeing the tests and be able to “know” the best way to treat the “problem”. So, now, we know that HE has another plan, another one of the options that you have, and our prayers do not change—-HE IS THE HEALER, and will lead you to the right place, the right person who God will speak thru. You are so open to fulfill God’s plan, dare to trust!!!!
    Thank you for all of your up-dates, God bless you, forever.
    love, marje

  2. bryandavidson Says:

    Hi Marje!
    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We can feel your prayers, and especially sense a strong leading from God. Yes, He is the healer! Bless you and love you. Bryan

  3. Frank & Karen Says:

    You Sweet Two – You are in our prayers and thoughts lots. We know God has a purpose in all things and His time table is never wrong. It is so hard to be patient and still. It is so hard to wait on him but we trust you will get answers from Him very soon. We continue to pray for complete healing on your body. God is always faithful!

    You are both loved bunches!

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