Frustrated, No. Intrigued, Yes.

I have a hunch that when some heard we came back without a root cause they felt really sorry for us. We have one word for you: Don’t! I know you must think we are frustrated. It makes sense, right? Actually, we are more excited than we have ever been. We hear God’s voice and see Him working. What else can we ask for? I’ve been fully healthy while not having that before, and it wasn’t fun.

We’ve been able to experience a closeness in relationships that is insurmountable in light of any normal season.

Bottom-line: My body is hurting, but my spirit and soul are growing.

I am intrigued by what God is doing. First and foremost He is growing us (Amber is going through this too). What a loving Father! Second, He has a plan—and this is part of His plan. Isn’t that exciting?! I could give you stories and stories, opportunities and opportunities of ways I think God has used this. But none of them will compare with the real story God is writing. Only He knows the purest and clearest reasoning behind this. That is why I don’t even feel the need to explain the many, many reasons I can think of why and how God is using this. If you need that, then you don’t know or have forgotten who our God really is. But if you do, then you know how God works and how beautiful that really is! I don’t feel the need to explain everything – as Paul wrote about in I Corinthians 9—I just give what I can and follow God the best I can and leave everything else to Him. Like Paul wrote about, if I tried to please everyone it would not only be unwise, it would be wrong. So, I thank you for trusting and sharing what the Lord is doing in and through us. And we do the same for you and with faith that God is pursuing us (and you) no matter what stage or season any of us are in. That’s the most important thing.

Even though it is highly tempting to be frustrated (and we all are at times) -it is much better to turn such possible frustration into hope, and of course, faith. And I hope to make my way each day with a slice of intrigue because I never know what God wants to do “today”. Perhaps, it is this mystery, when embraced, that makes life a thrill to live.

I pray our lives and your life is as He wants them to be. I pray we will each walk with Him all the days of our lives. And I pray we will “be still” long enough to remember who God really is and that will be our guide post as we live each and every day.


2 Responses to “Frustrated, No. Intrigued, Yes.”

  1. A. Cynthia Says:

    Bryan….how can we not notice the difference just in your writing as you walk thru difficult health issues….you write words that not only are extremely insightful and deeply full but you write words that have been birthed from your pain….and the difference is astounding…”give thanks to the Lord in all things!” Love you both.

  2. Kyle K. Says:

    I just wanted to let you know that you and Amber inspire me so much. I love getting to see how God is working in both of you. To be able to praise God through all of this is how we are all supposed to live, but many times we get angry at God, ourselves and others. I miss you guys a lot and can’t wait until someday I can meet up with you again. God is doing amazing things through you into others lives, especially mine. It’s great to be around both of you because God is definitely radiating off of you and it feels great. I could only hope that someday I am so close to God as you are and be such an inspiration to others. I love you guys and will be praying for you.

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