The Genuis Misfits

Here’s a video worth watching. Created by Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University. The Wizard Academy calls him a good example of a genuis misfit, something they specialize in. A genius misfit, says the Wizard Academy, is someone who suceeds in the mainstream even though they never feel completely part of it.

Would you be called a genuis misfit?


2 Responses to “The Genuis Misfits”

  1. Ideas-to-Action Says:

    Rethink all the rules

    I have been working on this post for several weeks. Writing, rewriting, re-rewriting. I still don’t think I have my thoughts centered, or really getting my point across, but decided to move my thoughts in process to my blog and

  2. Rethink all the principles | Posts Says:

    […] job displaying the evolution and influence of know-how. A fast "hat tip" to my cousin Bryan Davidson for turning me on to this […]

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