About Bryan

I’m just a curious guy who’s into original ideas and finding fresh solutions to complex problems. Albeit, I’m not real keen on trying to solve all of life’s problems in five minutes. Besides that, I’m a recovering religoholic who wears a few hats…writing, presenting, consulting and incidental connecting. Life to me is like one big Discovery Channel. When I was younger I thought it was like one big Discover Card.

I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon than to lounge with my laptop and a few books. When I’m not, I’m looking forward to the next time I can. I try to grind away at times, for those rosier endings. I read a lot of stuff. I figure if the world were a book, we’d read one page at a time. I encourage people to close their mouths and open their ears. Every once in a while, I try to muster anything worth hearing. I like to make people laugh, cry and think. When I’m not at 30,000 feet… I’ll be dead. Finally, I’m just a guy who expresses and goes after what he dreams in his head.

Formal Biography

Bryan Davidson, Founder and President of SPIRITUAL Innovations. As a writer and speaker, he is guided by his life mantra of: leading people into discovery. Tracking and engaging such issues as creativity, change, culture, innovation, evangelism, and leadership, Bryan is known as a thought-provoking speaker and writer. Known for his spiritual creativity and engaging ideas, he desires to see the world experience revolutionary change. His area of primary focus is conveying messages to the current culture in a way that sticks –to freshly engage the world to experience their maximum potential. Bryan communicates a message of radical transformation with transparency, imagination and passion.

For eight years, Bryan has been speaking nationally and internationally, including avenues such as Promise Keepers, The U.S. Naval Academy and Chick-fil-A Headquarters. His life has been featured in numerous magazines, programs and media channels including NBC News “Dateline”. While a writer and researcher for author and speaker, Josh McDowell, he had the opportunity to deeply study current changes in the cultural landscape, producing engaging research conclusions. He holds a degree in Religion from Liberty University and is working to finish his MDIV from New Orleans Seminary.

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SPIRITUALCONVERSATIONS.NET founder Bryan Davidson, a catalytic leader, thinker and writer, is a ministry entrepreneur, and spiritual conveyor. He is fascinated with the enormous potential for a new spiritual awakening in this generation. Led by the desire to boldly wade the sea of cultures, including the Post-modern and Post-Christian culture, he wants to see the world experience revolutionary change.

While at a leadership development company founded by New York Times Bestselling author John Maxwell, The INJOY Group, in Atlanta, Georgia, Bryan served as a Leadership Consultant where he inspired, challenged, and enabled leaders to join life-changing events while ensuring that the Simulcasts come off without a hitch.

While a writer for world-renowned speaker and author Josh McDowell, he had the opportunity to deeply study the current culture, producing engaging research projects and assisting in book projects. Many of these projects involved documentation of interviews, trends and Bible studies – sparking his own life mission to “lead people into discovery”. That discovery, of course, is maximizing the human potential, making SPIRITUALCONVERSATIONS.NET a natural progression of his time and energy.

Davidson was also International Director of Global Missions International, a ministry serving the spiritual and physical needs of the most neglected cultures of the world. And in 2000 he founded a discipleship-based initiative, The 9:23 Project, at his college, which was merged with Campus Crusade for Christ. For 2 ½ years he was also the weekly communicator for a foodbank organization.

Throughout his ministry service, Davidson has been a speaker at events, workshops, conferences, and churches throughout the U.S. and internationally. His life has been featured in magazines, programs and media channels including NBC News “Dateline”. He holds a degree in Religion from Liberty University and is primed to finish his MDIV from New Orleans Theological Seminary this year.

Davidson has been a freelance writer for national publications such as Catalyst GroupZine, OnMission Magazine and Campus Crusade for Christ. Besides writing, speaking and creating, he also spends time as a consultant and presenter, assisting churches and ministries on their strategic thinking, branding, naming and identity needs—anything to help them lead people into discovery.

He is the author of one book, Matrix of Purity published by the Abstinence Clearinghouse in 2000. Currently writing a range books for three target audiences, one to help seekers clarify the story of God entitled: One Night Stand: Taking a Stand One Night at a Time; Saving Jason: How Saving Jason Saved Me is about how to lead people to discover Jesus Christ in this rapidly changing culture; And The other is a co-authorship with Amber chronicling our love story and helping twentysomethings learn how to have pure and Godly relationships called: A Thousand Hours: Conversations About True Love.

Bryan now enjoys sharing his home with the love of his life, Amber. They live in Cumming, Georgia, and attend North Point Community Church.




7 Responses to “About Bryan”

  1. Playa D Says:

    You da man, BroHam

  2. Rachael Says:

    HEY BRYAN!!! This is Rachael from DBBC. I had soooo much fun at True Love Waits. Tell Amber hey for me! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

  3. Josh Says:


    I don’t know if you remember me or not, but we met at Catalyst in 05. I’m headed to Atlanta next week for the Q conference. Are you attending? If not, I’d still love to catch coffee with you or something.


  4. Victor Howard Says:


    Your dad just sent me the link to your blog and the update on your illness. 1) Great Blog! 2) I did not know the extent of you illness! Email me and let’s connect.


  5. dale gooooodman Says:

    love your site dude! i am proud of you! missing my bro, dale

  6. Laurie Says:

    Dear Bryan,
    Josh asked for prayers for you, so you have them coming from The Point in Sioux Falls. Also, please let Amber know she has our supportive prayers as she walks alongside you during this time. (I had her in my Sunday School class years ago at 1st Baptist!) Blessings.

  7. TRochelle Says:

    I see people was amazing! Thank you for sharing!

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    For more information about Bryan or his writings, presentations and consultations, please contact bryan.davidson@mac.com. He is located in Atlanta, GA USA and can be reached at +1.678.777.6625
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