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Contrast #1: The Dream

June 9, 2007

I love Tom Peter’s book Reimagine. It’s one of my all-time favorites. The book itself is a picturesque experience, chock-full of thought-provoking ideas and insight. I want to take the next couple days to share my notes in five posts about five contrasts.

First up, the dream.

We are in the dream business. The “experience” idea is a big stretch for many people in business. But we must stretch our minds, and our vocabularies, even further. Next stop on the value train: Dreams. As one business visionary put it, a dream amounts to “an opportunity to help clients become what they want to be.” This is not pie in the sky. “Dream” products provide returns to shareholders that far outpace the returns from “common” products. So, are you ready to enter the Dream Business?


! Contrasts


    “Mere” experiences to Wild imaginings…and dreams fulfilled
    Things done well to Things not thought possible
    “It’s really good” “You can do that?”
    Pleased to Elated
    Surprised to Stunned
    Selling to customers Tempting customers
    “I’m not sure I need it.” to “I GOTTA HAVE IT. NOW.”
  • • Dramatically. ALTER. Perspective.
    • Adventures….in “Dreamketing”
    • Project: Dream
    • Extreme Dream
    • Transformation Guaranteed!
    • Dream Language
    • Insane Solutions and Cultures
    • Dream Weave
    • Dream Metrics
    • The “Feel” of Dreams. If you build it….
  • Touch people’s dreams. Tell stories and entertain. Promote dream, not product. Build brand around Main Dream. Build a buzz, hype, cult.

      Excitement. That’s right.
      Surprise. That’s right.
      Impossible. That’s right.
      Destiny. That’s right.
      Change. A lot of it.

    Dreams. Just do it. Just be it.
    Re-imagine it! Go for the things that are nuts! Take the leap. Once more, with feeling!


    Something is the new something

    March 3, 2007

    Sometime ago I came across this list of clichés (via google) about how something is always being transposed to be the new thing:

    Clarendon is the new Helvetica
    The location field is the new command line
    Fake is the new real
    Orange is the new black
    Quiet is the new loud
    Nearshore is the new offshore
    Red is the new blonde
    Blacker is the new black
    Iraq is the new Vietnam
    Movies piracy is the new plague
    Fat is the new thin
    Wide is the new black
    Fat is the new tobacco
    Organic is the new kosher
    MCA is the new MBA
    Small is the new big
    Spim is the new spam
    Being uncool is the new cool
    Gay marriage is the new abortion
    30 is the new teenage

    Emerging Culture – Outline

    October 13, 2005

    Here’s the real outline. What’d you think?

    I. Understanding Emerging Generations

    How do we bridge the gap between the modern and postmodern cultures?

    1) Our generation is now a missionary frotier
    It’s time see the young generations as a missionary frontier.

    2) Significant desire for experimental spirituality
    We have chosen an extreme openness to experimental spirituality

    3) Intense openness to spiritual things
    We have become a deeply “spiritual” generative.

    4) New Methodologies
    Youth and College pastor must change their methodologies if they are going to reach the postmodern.

    5) Christian Subculture
    The Christian and non-Christian are becoming all too alike and this must come apart.

    6) A Cultural and Global Generative
    The leverage of the media and the Internet

    7) A Disconnected Generation
    Deep desire to be understood by their fathers and mothers.

    8) Pluralistic Culture demands new approaches
    Truth has to be personalized because we have been impacted by a pluralistic culture.

    II. The Heart and Role of Leading Emerging Generations

    What does this generation look for in a leader?

    1) Relational vs. CEO Approach

    Trinitarian-Shared Leadership

    We have chosen Trinitarian leadership; instead of a hierarchy we should lead as a community of voices sharing each other’s roles unified in one direction.

    2) Event vs. Process

    Process Oriented Leadership

    We have chosen to lead more by a process and less by events because that’s where real transformation takes place.

    3) Being a “Poet and Gardener” Leader

    Evolution of Leadership

    We have chosen to embrace the evolution of leadership, understanding our role in God’s story.

    4) Creative Innovators Artist Leadership
    We have chosen to embrace our uniqueness so we artistically replicate our God.

    5) Relevant Environments
    We have chose to create environments that are conducive to the hearts of people. This will allow us to connect with people.

    6) Organic Flow of Ministry

    Participatory Leadership

    We have chosen organic growth, ministry and movements instead of organizations and institutions. We live with a “tourist” mentality rather than a “maintenance” mentality.

    7) Missional vs. Consumer Mentality

    Reproduction Leadership

    We have adopted the concept called missional living; therefore our theology has shifted from developing one system called “missions” to turning theology into one department of mission and moved from consumer church to missional church.

    8) Leadership Conclusions

    III. Spiritual Formation and the Emerging Church

    How does this generation relate & connect with Christ?

    1) Tribal Community Togetherness Formation
    We have chosen to channel our growth through tribal communities instead of bureaucratic programs because we believe in a call to community where we live as one big family on a journey together.

    2) Engage Culture Holistic Formation
    We have chosen to integrate our faith into all areas of life Instead of separating the spiritual realm from normal life.

    3) Return to the Sacramental Ancient Depths Formation
    We have chosen to return to the ancient depths of our heritage.

    4) Centralize Everything with Jesus A Jesus Formation
    We have chosen to be like Jesus.

    5) Greatness is Servanthood Slave Formation
    We have chosen to walk by action and not theory.

    6) Authentic Eyes Visual Formation
    Reading the word through a refreshing lenses.

    IV. Conversations and Communications with the Emerging Generations

    How should we communicate with the emerging generation?

    1) Moving from sin-management to kingdom-management preaching”

    2) A new hunger for depth and theology vs. shallowness and anthropology

    3) Who is truth? Vs. What is truth?
    Apologetics focused on “Who is truth?” vs. “What is truth?”

    4) Fellow-journeyer vs. problem-solver
    The preacher as a “shepherd” and fellow-journeyer vs. a message presenter and problem-solver

    5) Questions and Thinking Allowed

    6) Use Visual eye-catchers in messages

    V. 8 Postmodern Branding Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss


    That’s turning the church culture brandscape into a minefield.

    Evangelism replaced by “Spiritual Conversations”

    Discipleship replaced by “Replication”

    Good News, a Worthy “News Flash”

    Sermons replaced by “Weekend Talks”

    Church Membership replaced by “Partnership”

    Conversion replaced by “Allegiance to God’s Kingdom”

    Systematic Theology replaced by “Worldview”

    Missions replaced by “Missional”

    The New Lingua Brands that are being made new by the Emerging Culture:
    • Communal
    • Radical
    • Revisionist
    • Social Activists
    • Tribal
    • Revolutionary
    • Emergent
    • Participatory
    • Image-Driven
    • Apostolic

    My ‘Don’t Forget’ List

    August 13, 2005

    A few days ago I took some time off for a couple hours to sit, think, meditate and pray. I began to write down the things God keeps bringing up to me, when I do this. There’s many, many more I could add, but here’s my ‘Don’t Forget’ List for today:

    • The will of God is the most dangerous place to be.
    • Step out and trust that God will open and close the right doors. Simply walk with God.
    • Read God’s Word and Simply Obey it. Want to be smart – meditate on the Word. Make the Word central to your thinking.
    • Embrace the price you have to pay. Suffering is inevitable to a true Christ-follower. So don’t run from it – embrace it.
    • Ministry is not a means to success. It’s simply obeying our Father. Nothing is a means to success. We are to simply obey the Father. We can learn that the easy way or the hard way, but, in reality, there’s not really an easy way to learn this one.
    • The call of Christ to me is a call to live a heroic life. Prosperity – NO! Consumerism – NO! Live noble and heroic in this broken fragmented culture.
    • Refuse to live a victimized life. Embrace the innocence and lifefulness of God.
    • Spend loads of time studying the life and ministry and message of Jesus. He’s the centerpiece. Study the relationship – it’s a love story written directly to me.
    • Learn to labor in prayer. Ask God to show Himself and be ready – James 1. Prayer is not a convenience; it’s a discipline. No one feels like praying. I’ve heard numerous people say you have to pray when you don’t feel like and pray until you feel like it. Prayer is the most powerful force in the universe, yet we the church, have discovered how to get by without it.
    • Discover the path God is calling you to and have the courage to “do” it.
    • Love to live and live to love. Dream to live and live to dream.
    • God gets a lot of joy from us coming after him. He loves “the try”.
    • Are you grateful that God loves you? That will come out. Love is the fuel. If not, you’re going to run out. Am I taken hostage to love?

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