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Evolutionary Conference

October 5, 2007

In April of 2006 I was eating lunch at Panera Bread downtown Orlando. A guy who looked about my age asked me about the book I was reading. The rest is history…

Evolutionary Conference


Jon Tyson brought the goods. He gave terrific talk on the Holy Spirit. Following him was tough enough. Well, everybody else had to brave through my breakout session.

Overall, it was a great turnout and I loved the environment. See you tomorrow at FBC Orlando.


Souly Business

June 9, 2007

Had lunch today with my good friend Kevin Latty. I’ll tell you more about Kevin and Souly Business (the ministry he co-founded) later. All I gotta say is this: it is anointed!

I wrote a piece for their Summer Newsletter. I don’t there’s a link yet, so here it is:

An invitation to the seat of your soul.

As I pondered the idea of going to Souly Business, I have to admit that I wasn’t too keen on anything resembling a “camp.” When I think of camps, I think of dirt and games—two things that are not in my desire box. So the thought of going was not particularly appealing. However, I was convinced to attend and now, I’m another one of those “this is the best retreat I have ever experienced” guys. In fact, I have yet to meet a person who did not experience something unique at a Souly Business weekend.

Coincidentally, on the way to the retreat, I stopped by to see a friend in Gainesville who shared some thoughts about the church in a post-modern culture. He believes that events and programs are the way of the past when it comes to spiritual growth and life change. He believes the church must learn and embrace a new model- something he calls “transformational communities.” Little did I know, I was on the way to experiencing my first transformational community. Souly Business opened my eyes.

At most events, I feel ambitious. I sense a few new pointers and ideas. But Souly Business created a way to help leaders connect with leaders. They facilitated hands-on conversation. It’s an open and safe environment- to connect, to question, to dialogue, and to learn.

At Souly Business, I felt safe to let go, to dive in, to express my innermost longings, and to simply listen to God and his servants. When I left Souly Business, I felt rejuvenated, uplifted, encouraged, connected, cleansed, and rested.

As I reflect on the weekend, I find it extra meaningful to know that I now have over 50 new brothers. Not just any kind of brothers, but faith-full, grace-full, spirit-ual, dependable ones. Today, I feel like I am riding in a bigger boat, with better men and a stronger faith as we navigate the high tides of life.

Now, it’s my goal for all of my friends to attend a Souly Business retreat. I have no doubt – if they do, our relationships will go to a new and deeper level. I believe this is the perfect environment to shape ethos and I honestly don’t know of anything else that actually accomplishes such a thing.

I’m filled with gratitude for- Brian Cork and his gracious invitation that made it impossible for me to say “no”, Kevin for his initiative and humble leadership, and Larry for his compassion and heart.

It is evident that the Spirit of the living God is facilitating this community. I’m touched by the leaders and speakers, who focus their attention on what the Spirit desires to do. Their focus is not on an agenda or a desired outcome. Their focus is to facilitate what God wants to do- seeing and experiencing that blew me away.

Back in my life

June 9, 2007

Can’t wait to see my homeboy Matt George who’s flying in from Chicago. Man, do I feel blessed to be in good company. Matt was my best friend all the way through middle school until my family moved from Greenville, Texas to Apopka, Florida (A year later we landed in Cartersville, Georgia). Matt and I connected twice in 15 years until he got a hold of me via MySpace last November. A little over a month later I caught a flight to Chicago to reconnect and it’s been non-stop ever since.

In the near future, I promise to showcase some of Matt’s work. He happens to be one of the most gifted artists in the world. His company is called VSA Partners and they’re a go-to company for the elite, the ones who can pay top notch for the best. For example, this is the company that named, branded and designed the famed Cingular brand, which I think is the best logo ever.

Needless to say, I’m super proud of Matt. But most of all, his heart is gold.

The Crazy Ones Change The World

June 8, 2007

Just had a long late night conversation with my boy Freddy Williams. Freddy leads a big flock of crazy kids in the St. Louis area. I happen to believe that Freddy is crazy enough to CHANGE THE WORLD. Trust me – keep this guy on your radar. It’ll happen. Check out this video he pointed me to created by Apple. It’s about the Crazy Ones. You know, the ones who think they can change the world actually do.

Lowercase People

October 1, 2005

I’m digging the new online collective that Jon Foreman and the Switchfoot gang have pieced together. Jon, in trying to expand his efforts of changing the way people think and along the way raising some mega cash for his humanitarian causes, have created Lowercase People (

i.e. I’m jacked for my buddy Brent Cole who is the managing editor.


September 14, 2005

I couldn’t wait for the release of Switchfoot’s new album, “Nothing is Sound”. I bought it and love it! Once again, they delivered non-superficial music with depth and amazing sound. I thank God for these guys who are the real deal and live for the name and fame of our Lord Jesus. They represent exactly what the body of Christ needs today. I could go on and on…

Go get it today!


August 8, 2005

My blog is simply a way to share my heart with others in order to convince some to find God, others to share God and even more to use all means available to navigate journeyors to experience Jesus Christ amidst the changing culture all around us. I know…this is just a blog. But I just have to drip a little bit of my heart. I bleed to find partners who want to winnovate the culture for Christ. For those who aren’t the churchy type, you’ll have to bear with me…I’m just passionate to help people become a spiritual harbor for the spiritually thirsty. Winnovate is about two things: innovation and winning people to Jesus. I’d like to hope this site will be a channel for others to find innovative solutions to Spirituality. Winnovate is all about a relationship with the God of the Universe, Jesus Christ.

I like to read blogs so I decided it’s time to start posting my own – but let me share with you up front that you won’t be reading much of my writings that won’t be tied in some form or fashion to evangelism. Here’s more of my heartbeat: I want to help others become a drawbridge for people to cross in order to experience Jesus Christ. I want to see Jesus become the compass people need to navigate the journey amidst the changing culture all around us. I desire to encourage Christ-followers to create relevant environments that draw in culture, and along the way weave together church unity, community involvement, interactive worship, experimental Christianity and a transforming presence in the areas they are submerged into.

In short, my life mission is to penetrate the culture with Christ’s gospel message while at the same time empowering the church’s impact. Right now, my channels are full-time writing, preaching the gospel and burning with my fellow brothers. So I guess you could say that Winnovate is an invitation… ok, ok more like an altar call. Come to the feet of the King.


June 14, 2005

My blog is finally born! I have way too many ramblings, perspectives, questions, studies and gut thoughts that I’m dying to share with anyone who’ll actually read them. Whether it’s an audience of one or a bunch more, this is going to be a blast. Welcome to my world!

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