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The two most common, but deadly mistakes that leaders make

February 28, 2008

Early this morning my friend Jamal Jivanjee shared a poignant word on the two most common, but deadly mistakes that leaders make.

It can become so natural to lead by the Voice when necessary. I am surely guilty of this. But it doesn’t make sense – either you lead full-on spiritually or we’re settling in our own abilities.

I believe God is calling out a generation to lead by the Spirit with every fiber of their being, who are not afraid to penetrate any culture for the name of Jesus, who are fiercely bold and courageous yet with childlike innocence and endeavoring love. My brother Jamal and I are heartstruck by this piercing promise. It seems daunting, but we are called to keep listening.


Evolutionary Conference

October 5, 2007

In April of 2006 I was eating lunch at Panera Bread downtown Orlando. A guy who looked about my age asked me about the book I was reading. The rest is history…

Evolutionary Conference


Jon Tyson brought the goods. He gave terrific talk on the Holy Spirit. Following him was tough enough. Well, everybody else had to brave through my breakout session.

Overall, it was a great turnout and I loved the environment. See you tomorrow at FBC Orlando.

The Genuis Misfits

September 27, 2007

Here’s a video worth watching. Created by Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University. The Wizard Academy calls him a good example of a genuis misfit, something they specialize in. A genius misfit, says the Wizard Academy, is someone who suceeds in the mainstream even though they never feel completely part of it.

Would you be called a genuis misfit?

The Prosperity Gospel

August 13, 2007


There was a time in my life when I would have had a hard time -not with what John Piper is saying, but how he is saying this. But I would have been wrong.

This is a dangerous, misleading false teaching that MUST be eradicated.

Yes, these are intense words, but our day and our theology causes for it. May we continue to converse about these issues, so that we find ourselves only satisfied in Jesus. Our life and the world depends on it.

Now, I’m not sure I agree with 100% of it, but it’s important that we guard our theology. Read I Timothy 4 and 6. Paul thought so.

Kudos to Jimmie Gillespie for telling me about this.

Now let’s converse…

Oh – by the way, this applies to health and suffering too:) I surely would love to learn more with you about these issues. As for the suffering issues, I have a lot of opinions from this past year through my own health deficiences. It caused me to study it like never before. And I think I’ve heard everything under the sun. There’s certainly a lot there about what we’d like for theology to be.


August 6, 2007

Amazingly, the moment I finished my last message at this weekend’s retreat my body went haywire. All weekend I felt relatively good—even on little sleep and a fairly busy realm of activities. And this energy lasted until the last second. God is so amazing and all-powerful! He’s definitely been protecting me from the low-times when I needed some energy. The week before I did pretty well on vacation, or about as good as you can do on a vacation. I was tired a decent bit, but hey – I was vacating so I got along all right.

God showed himself this weekend, and it was a pleasure to partake in such a sweet time. I made some incredible friends and learned a lot. But the HUGE bonus was Kara accepting Christ. Amber had the privilege of praying alongside of her as she cried out to God and as God opened his arms wide open. Amazing.

Thankfully, now I’m chillin at George and Jami’s house. Actually, I’m laid out on a bed in their guest room and can hardly move. But I’m filled with so much joy due to my gracious and giving Heavenly Father. Wow, I’ve never been so happy to partake in this gift of sickness. What an honor!

Definitely keeping me grounded, and a huge reminder of the God who created the Universe.

Kudos to Jimmie and Rachel Gillespie…who have officially become two of our dear friends for life. Our conversations were riveting—to say the least. We are so grateful to Brian and Janaa (and little Dylan, of course) and the New Life College and twentysomethings gang who blessed our socks off. Though we surely missed two of our best friends Andy and Sarah Bullard who had to make a last minute run to the hospital to have child #2—Grant Noah Bullard—who decided to arrive a little earlier than expected (credit also goes to Sarah’s erupted appendix).

Really looking forward to being back in Ohio for New Life’s men’s conference in late October.

And really, really looking forward to making the Bullard’s our brand new neighbors in September.

Dick Wynn

June 11, 2007

Six years ago Amber and I were graced with the chance of a Lifetime. Amber was interning with Tim Elmore at EQUIP yet he gave each person another mentor to meet with every week. I was interning in Dallas at Josh McDowell Ministries at the time and remember hearing all about her new mentor Dick Wynn. Dick was creating a new division at EQUIP focused on training emerging leaders. Previously, he served as President of Youth for Christ International.

As soon as I made my way back to Atlanta to see Amber I was introduced to Dick and since then he’s become of the most impactful people in my/our lives.

The last few years Dick served at Crown Financial Ministries as the Senior VP and Presidential Advisor. He had a small goal to train a couple hundred million leaders overseas. Dick’s the kind of guy I could share an idea to and he’d make it bigger, better, stronger and wiser. Trust me, you’ll be hearing more about Dick on this blog.

Just recently, Dick and his wife Janet decided to leave their role in George to be closer to kids in Florida. I had the opportunity to write about Dick on his Crown farwell guestbook:

“You are the model leader. When I think about leadership I think about you. You know how to cut through the fog, how to make the right decision at the right time – how to cast a masterful, memorable vision for the future. Among so many other qualities! You certainly know how to distill wisdom in me and you do it with such natural, unforgettable ease. What else can I say? You are the leader inside my mind. So, for the rest of this guy’s life there you will be. You’ve enriched my life, Dick. That, I am grateful for! Love, Bryan Davidson (btw: and Janet, what a jewel, what an inspiration you are to us!)”

Something is the new something

March 3, 2007

Sometime ago I came across this list of clichés (via google) about how something is always being transposed to be the new thing:

Clarendon is the new Helvetica
The location field is the new command line
Fake is the new real
Orange is the new black
Quiet is the new loud
Nearshore is the new offshore
Red is the new blonde
Blacker is the new black
Iraq is the new Vietnam
Movies piracy is the new plague
Fat is the new thin
Wide is the new black
Fat is the new tobacco
Organic is the new kosher
MCA is the new MBA
Small is the new big
Spim is the new spam
Being uncool is the new cool
Gay marriage is the new abortion
30 is the new teenage

All Smiles

June 19, 2006

Chillin after the wedding with my Amber, Aunt Julie and my bro Justin.

With Aunt Jewels and Uncle Mike

June 19, 2006

Hanging in Waco, Texas with my fam. Actually, I was there to officiate my cuz’s wedding. A sweet time!

Six Viewpoints

January 6, 2006

I just did an article on evangelism for a magazine. I thought I’d post some of the viewpoints I propose (a modern magazine needs points).

1) Transformation is a life-long process, not just a one-time event.

2) Unless we put more emphasis on authentic, connective relationships we will lose this generation.

3) The most effective evangelism strategy is to cultivate genuine friendships with people who are non-believers and engage them in thoughtful, respectful conversation about what’s important to them.

4) Those with the foresight and strength to speak the truth in love will have the most impact.

5) Genuine humility and love will win over anyone anytime!

6) Centralize everything with Jesus. They like Jesus but they don’t like the church.

Lowercase People

October 1, 2005

I’m digging the new online collective that Jon Foreman and the Switchfoot gang have pieced together. Jon, in trying to expand his efforts of changing the way people think and along the way raising some mega cash for his humanitarian causes, have created Lowercase People (

i.e. I’m jacked for my buddy Brent Cole who is the managing editor.

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