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How Are We Missing It?

November 23, 2005

I’ve often wondered lately if there is a need for a deeper muse about Christian sexuality. That there’s more to the story than what’s being told. Do you agree? Why do you think the younger generations and twentysomethings tend to buck what God says about sex? Presentation? Culture Saturation?

Sex, love, beauty and relationships can be better understood and so much more esteemed. In God’s world they are gifts to be cherished, not mountains to climb. We are prized with a treasure.

A gift isn’t given to someone to be misused, is it? It’s meant to be valued and appreciated.

This is a spiritual war.

We are placed in a war, where we have to fight to stay alive. And sex is one of Satan’s greatest tools.

But there is healing and hope and a revolutionary life we’re called to live, the life role we desire to play, the adventure we’re meant to take. All we’re used to is a backdrop message of don’ts. Now, we want something real. We want viable answers to our curious and perplexing questions. We want to have a real, honest conversation about life and love.

• Life is a journey. The destination is left in God’s hands.
• Life is a walk. The results are left in God’s hands.
• Life is an adventure. The mundane and boring are left in God’s hands to be challenged.
• Life is a revolution. The make it through the day type will be captured by the enemy.
• Life is about the heart. The moment you shut down the heart, you stop living.

You get the gist of it. There’s just more to purity than abstinence. How come the young people I talk don’t understand it like this?


Emerging Generations and Sex

November 23, 2005

When I talk to the emerging generations about sex, what resonates with them most is this: God gets it – he actually understands the world they live in and the fierce temptation they face every single day. Lives are being changed when they understand that God does not think of them as a nuisance if they struggle with something so deeply and often. That He knows them and the very world they live in. He understands it. He gets it. And he wants to help them…to be their friend, their guide, their heavenly force. And let me tell you, when this is understood, a new confidence is born, a new relationship is formed. This is not something we’ve seen before, something that breeds a religious notch on their journey. This is something that explodes like a human tidal wave. The kind we believe God has destined for every human being, a transformation our hearts long to experience.

What do you think?

Following God with Our Sexuality

November 16, 2005

It seems that the central difficulty is determining how we live our lives.

Sometimes, we uncover an answer…but sometimes we don’t. Why is that? Sometimes, we fall on our face, while other times we figure it all out. How is that? That a deep desire for what’s good and what’s right can be replaced by intense desires to do the complete opposite – what is wrong. Maybe, just maybe, this problem doesn’t have to do with what we’re taught, but rather by what’s caught and understood. Maybe, there’s something to be said by what’s clearly understood, by what’s clearly happening to us. Allow me to share with you, then, an excerpt, from the book Amber and I are working on. Simple, yet deep-seated questions, that we all have faced one time or another…

We live in a world, don’t we, that is plastered with sexual images, one that has a constant power to manilpulate our minds and poison our hearts? So…what can we possibly do? How do we counteract such a powerful force? Do we need a doctor, or do we need a guide? Do we need a discourse, or do we need hope that sticks? Sure, everyone desires to have the adventure of romance, but the adventure of sex calls too, doesn’t it? So the question is: Is it possible to maintain a holiness in the midst of what seems unavoidable?

This generation, more than ever, is crying out for some real life answers to the tough issues that inhabit their lives every single day they waken to. Allow me to propose another question: What would it look like if high school and college students, and twentysomethings alike, embraced the reality that purity is only a single subset of our real desire to please our Heavenly Father?

What would it look like if they caught on to a piece of God they’ve never seen before, a part of his being that says, “You can follow Me with your sexuality, just like you can with every other part of our life.”

Sex and TV Study

November 10, 2005

Haven’t announced here yet, about the new book I am writing on the sex, love and relationships arena. And for now, I don’t plan on sitting on a soapbox too much about how plastered our culture is with sex, sex, sex. It surely is, so much, that I don’t have to sell and convince people that it really is a powerful force to go up against. I’m arrowing deep down for the heart, and will share about it soon. However, if you haven’t seen it yet, today on every front page of most every newspaper in the country is fixated on how much sex there is on TV…

“Sex Scenes on TV nearly Doubled” Chicago Sun Times

“What’s on TV, More Sex, a Study Finds” Orlando Sentinel

“Television more sexed than ever, a study finds” Washington Post

“Sex and the Tube: It’s a happy Marriage” New York Daily News

…and 386 more newspapers across the country.

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